RACE 2 2018

MotoGP the last race was beyond belief, incompetence at the top level they and they alone are responsible. When a young rider messes up the grown ups are meant to sort it out, if they are not there or apply the rules this is what happens mayhem.

The problem with social media is people and very few have any real value than talking bollocks, always good to here a expert comment, most of the public comments are not worth a pinch salt they just love the man who does no wrong.

I was with a Rossi fan when Zarco over took him at Texas they touched “he can't do that” WTF, I remember when Pedrosa was taken out by Rossi in practice 2007 that was far more dangerous than Sundays engagement but nothing happened. On Sunday when Marquez overtook and touched the other riders they sat up Rossi did not there was half a chance as it is racing he went for it, the wily Fox in 6th, did he think I can do more damage this way? Italians are know for diving.

As for Marquez like the best at what they do they are ruthless I go are far to say autistic he is very much like my local successful racer, However Marquez he needs a reminder of where the line is.

They say there is no such thing as bad press, Rossi made a great statement from his point of view, Marquez statement really just said I was wrong but this is racing, I was impressed with Marquez going to apologise with the helmet off I think this was sincere, it brought back the memory of when Rossi took out Stonner not a barge just ambition, except he kept the lid on and Stonner spoke to him, what made this Sundays post race funnier was Rossi bitch (Uccio) talking to Marquez all that was missing was Rossi saying leave it out he's not worth it.

Finally if drug testing was done trough out the year the field would have been a bit different.  


So just a few year ago we had the glory days Parrish & the Aussie on the BBC, Toby Moody and the one I have tried to like. So this weekend the 18th of November 2017 saw the death of Dan Hegarty so did the BBC memo on promoting death on Motorcycles cut in?

It must have! The UK has had a MotoGP winner the first in 30 years not a mention the talented Johnny Rea wins more races in a row since time began nothing other than the roaring silence.

We need a good roll model and some good Pr for the sport to the battle the tennis loving beeb. The main problem is the sport is seen as a working class sport (U.K.) unlike the dull F1 where posh people do what posh people do, talk about where to hide there money and how Brexit will give them less profit.

Now after one of the best seasons ever in MotoGP time to think about next season. 2018 is the end of the BT sport contract let's hope a better way to increase the live viewing figures maybe Channel 5 could do us a favour and buy the rights to get back to the 1 million+ live figures with a online subscription for all the qualifying Moto2/3 etc. A £50 a season pass would bring in most of there costs then make a profit from the adds but what do I do, I am just a fan.