Sepang Test 2019
with Poll Poistion Travel

Let's start at the begin 2017 was a great test I stayed at the Sama Sama hotel where the riders stayed on the 9th floor, my friend Aussie Dave had the room next to Lorenzo. Bastista was the first rider I met he explained how the lift worked. On the Wednesday missing the bus to the track I meet the Doctor himself, he two was late we met in the lift, I said the him “as it's you I will hold the lift”. The best stories I have forgotten.

2018 started well Marquez was on the same flight as me to KL, but saw a unreasonable price rise, so we stayed in the Tune hotel at KLIA2 not that good a hotel, but was easy to get to, one stop on the KLIA Express to the Sama Sama where in the evening we ate great Malaysian food while hearing great stories from the journalists. Day 2 we went around the service road stopping at most corners getting some brilliant photos turn 2 being the best at any circuit anywhere. In all better than the year before.

So on to 2019, getting the tickets and paying took sometime this was just pure incompetence. Poll just could not work out how to make easy and they charged for paying by Card, the reason given was we did not sign up to what the British signed up for (this is why we want to leave Europe the Foreigners just wants the good bits).

 The bits I arranged myself went smoothly, staying at the Movenpick hotel 5K from the circuit, Sama Sama was about 8K. The day started with a updated email it was not useful as I could only read on my smart phone, this was different from the original email sent. That evening was the welcome drinks as collecting the passes from Gordon the Pole Position Travel boss Dave & I got no hats just a promise, one of the Brits decides to drink as much as he can so after about 6 pints sees Marquez go from the buffet to the lift, as always MM is at siege from fans who are in the lobby, the pissed Brit also goes up to MM wanting a picture with MM, who decides that a pissed man & him don't make for a good pair so says no, so the Brit comes back going on about how MM is a whatever! you can guess, but of course he is a big VR fan so what would expect, my thoughts of the Brit are what he thinks of MM.

So day one shared a taxi with the Aussie Fox crew, getting to the circuit at only 35MR, the next day it goes up to 135MR. So we get to the Petronas private suite in all about 30 people, a ice cold area with water coffee etc. The food at lunch was excellent but I didn't go for this. So we put our names down for the Yamaha Petronas pit tour, so we wait & wait & wait eventuality 3.30 comes we get our tour all of 10 minutes hardly worth the wait, from there it spiralled into a farce. Day 2 we get to the circuit after Fox sports producer haggles with the hotel shuttle bus staff to get a good price. Arriving at the track we find that a party from the Pole Position Travel have gone to the Marco Simoncelli memorial where there child has attempted to run dangerously close to the track, this make what was a laid back event with lots of access you just had to be sensible, a no go zone for any where other land the back of the paddock, to say I was pissed off was a understatement. The people that messed everything up for us, to look at seemed not the full packet to kind, maybe they pay the refund?

Day 2 afternoon I had a meeting in KL so that was my test. Day 3 I gave my pass to someone else,the access to the stands was free, so if you go save a lots of money and just to the free main stand. This event cost a lot of money plus a return flight from the UK, be it I make a holiday of it, only because I am in Asia.

For me it is the last time for the test and the last time for Poll Position Travel along with a few others. The final piss off was as in the 2 years previous the last night was usually a meal with a Spanish journalist so Dave and myself returned from KL for the meal at the Sama Sama to find that we were not invited, not even a reply, the previous nigh was a dinner we said see you tomorrow night they could have said. We only had the test pass not the full accommodation but we don't like staying in a shit hotel they could have made available a medium package I had told them about my hotel 4 months previous, but because they are not very good at what they do this was the result.

In the words of Peter Cook “what a way to run a fucking Ballroom”

The only good bit was meeting John McPhee to him I wish him luck.

Poll Position Travel review by Barry Wooding TvMoto

As a footnote Poll have been asked to reply to put there side of the story, & finally while watching the Sepang test round up they asked some fans some questions guess who turned up the person who's child ruined my time & others at the test unbelievable.

Not many pictures this year